Wildly Accurate Super Bowl Predictor

Wildly Accurate Super Bowl Predictor

It’s just about two hours from the start of Super Bowl XLVIII, which has the makings of being of the best Super Bowls of all-time. Seldom has the NFL’s number one rated offense taken on the NFL’s number one rated defense in the Super Bowl, but it will happen tonight. The Denver Broncos roll into MetLife Stadium and Super Bowl XLVIII with the best offense in the league, and they’ll be pitted up against the league’s best defense in the Seattle Seahawks. The Broncos are 2.5 point favorites in this matchup. There are all kinds of strange ways to predict the Super Bowl. As we mentioned yesterday, one way of predicting the Super Bowl is to look at the unemployment rate of the two representative cities. That method, which favors the city with the lower unemployment rate, has accurately called 18 of the last 21 Super Bowls.

Another great way to predict the Super Bowl is through electronic simulation, and perhaps the best way to simulate the game is to use EA Sports’ Madden football video game. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, this game has evolved so much since its desktop computer-based origin in 1988 that it’s beginning to look more like real football with each annual release. It’s possible to use the Madden game to run a computer simulation of the Super Bowl in which the computer controls the two competing teams. Since things like players’ strengths and weakness and the teams’ offensive and defensive philosophies are factored into the computer simulation, it is possible to provide a fairly accurate prediction of the outcome of an actual game. In fact, the Madden simulations have successfully predicted eight of the last ten Super Bowls. That’s not bad at all. So what is the prediction for this year’s game? Checkout the video below to find out.

  • William Drapou

    boy, did you blow it big time…

  • D.S. Seattle, Washington,

    Um, Seattle,43 to Denver’s what? 8? Reality often trumps a computer simulation. Especially when you muff the very first play as Denver did in the real game.