Why Was This Soda Commercial Banned From the Super Bowl?


There doesn’t seem to be anything inappropriate about this soda commercial featuring Scarlett Johansson, so why was it banned from this upcoming Sunday’s Super Bowl? Or perhaps more descriptively, why did it end up being censored? No, it had nothing to do with Scarlett’s ravishing looks or her well-known seductive voice. That voice, by the way, is one of the lead characters in the movie Her, which is currently in theaters. Scarlett plays the voice of a computer named Samantha that Joaquin Phoenix’s character is dating (Weird? Yes). It’s a bummer that we never see Scarlett in the film, but her voice work in the film is great.

So if the soda commercial wasn’t banned because of the too-hot Scarlett, what’s the problem with it? As it turns out, the Super Bowl’s network, FOX, objected to the slight insult at the end of the commercial, when Scarlett says “Sorry Coke and Pepsi.” FOX didn’t want to get on the bad side of either of the soda giants, so they requested that SodaStream cut that last line out of their commercial. SodaStream markets at-home soda makers that are claimed to be healthier and, because there are no bottles or cans needed, better for the environment. SodaStream’s CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, told USA Today, “They’re afraid of Coke and Pepsi. This is the kind of stuff that happens in China. I’m disappointed as an American.” Check out the uncensored version of the commercial below.

  • Jack

    Reminds me of politics. Without a whole lot of money for advertisement, traveling etc., potential presidents, senators, governors, etc., don’t have a chance, these days. It is less, today about right and wrong, and more about the money. So not letting an advertiser, advertise because it might insult pepsi and coke, doesn’t surprise me.

    • Sugarsail1

      it’s always been about the money.

  • Daniel Burnstein

    Sodastream is made in land taken from the Palestinians and occupied by Israell

    • Allen Hudson Veasman


    • VinceD2

      So what? What lands haven’t been taken at some point in their history?

      • koedo


    • David Alan

      Israel is the historic homeland of the Jews going back thousands of years. So to say the land they occupy belonged to the Palestinians is b.s. They just came back and reclaimed their land.

    • Stan Kreis

      The name “Palestinian” is a descriptor that came into being only after the creation of the state of Israel in reference to the Arabs of largely Syrian extraction who followed the Jews into the area because the Jews brought economic development and therefore economic opportunity. Before the creation of Israel in 1948, the name “Palestinian” largely referred to the Jews and the Arabs were the Palestinian Arabs. Go look at International newspapers from the period and see, for instance, how British newspapers referred to the inhabitants as Palestinians, that is, in reference to the Jews of Palestine. Why do you hate the Jews so much?

      • John Kinory

        Almost correct. Before 1948, ‘Palestinians’ referred ONLY to Jews. The Arabs were referred to as Arabs.
        Between 1948 and the mid-1960s, NOBODY was referred to as (or called himself) ‘Palestinian’.

        • Stan Kreis

          I think you are more correct than my writing on it, that is, that “Palestinian” almost exclusively referred to Jews and not Arabs before 1948. The PA would disagree and does so disagree, but today’s largely Jewish Jerusalem Post used to be called the Palestinian Post before 1948 or so. It was founded and run, of course, by Jews.

          • John Kinory

            The PA would be lying. That, after all, is its default mode.

    • koedo

      You can’t occupy something that is historically yours. Are Muslims ‘occupying’ the former Christian lands of the Levant and North Africa?

  • Leif Knutsen

    SodaStream is manufactured on occupied Palestinian home lands. Sorry Scarlett.

    • Allen Hudson Veasman


  • http://PricesKarate.com/ DavePrice

    Just like the GOP! They cater to the richest corporations! at the cost of smaller Corporations…. ( if you are a breathing person? They are lying to you, using you like a piece of carpet, wake up, get up and brush yourself off Folks, start Helping your neighbor instead of attacking them like the programming makes you, you are not a Political Whore, quit acting like one and lets get the Political Whores out of Congress… the politicians, lobbyists, and bribe money, OUT of Politics! )

    • Stephen Zeigler

      As Microsoft is a pretty big Corp. I suppose that was your last post considering your comments. The lies you mention have been brought to you by news media, I use that term loosely. In particularly CBS,NBC,CNN PBS and MSNBC. Which have frequently been called out for their blatant attempts to alter the facts. You need to get your head out of the sand. Send all your money to D.C. for all I care, but leave me and my earning the heck alone. The democrats want to control not only you but the big corporations. Never has worked and never will. Russia, China, and Cuba with a long list of others followed your logic and realized the American capitalist were leaving them in the dust. Take a note, FB. American Internet ,American, Microsoft American….an on and on. You want more…work more are move to Cuba.

      • daryl verbanic

        Stephen agree and disagree you are obviously a republican that I am sure…no mention of the worst of all you accuse of biased twisted stories real easy to Check ???FACT CHECK >>>>>>>> they are fox I used to watch them till the last election and I saw nothing but twisted truths…sad they are at least MSNBC will present a REPUBLICANS point of view when it is right and positive FOX >>>O REILLY >>>>>CHECK THE FACTS PLEASE STEVE IT WILL HELP EDUCATE YOU UNLESS YOU AREATYPICAL ONE PARTY GUY AND NOT A BELIEVER IN THE BEST PERSON WE HAVE PROBLEMS HERE BUTIT IS BECAUSE BOTH PARTIES CANT WORK TOGETHER FOR FEAR OF GIVING THE OTHER GUY CREDIT HOW SAD FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE WHAT A JOKE WAKE UP WASHINGTON WE ELECT YOU AND WILL BOOT YOU NEXT TIME AROUND

        • daryl verbanic


          • daryl verbanic


          • anthony ryan delorie

            you left your caps key on.

          • koedo

            Ya, it’s the computer. That’s the ticket.

        • koedo

          Are you sure Stephen is a Republican? Do you have a crystal ball, Tarot cards or some dried up chicken bones? I have a question for you. Let us suppose there’s a person in desperate need of psychiatric medication to quiet the voices inside his head. This person has exhibited psychotic behavior in public but may not be aware of their condition. Lets say the medication that this psychotic person required was only produced by a scientist who was a Republican. Do you think our pathologically ill friend would accept or refuse the mediations?

      • Jose Ramirez

        Stephen you are absolutely right

      • koedo

        Stephen, right on.

      • dale ruff

        Yeah, that’s what Glen Beck was saying……capitalism IS God; dumocrats are punks, Obama is an armadillo.
        I miss Bush.

    • koedo

      Dave, do you really think there are no self serving, me first, money-whores in the democratic Party? Maybe you were a little revved up when you commented and you’d like to reconsider?

    • Kevin Blankenship

      Dude stop lapping up that Liberal B.S. the Republicans are far and away strong Constitutionalist, Small Business Owners and people who like personal freedom’s!!
      The “Demoncraps” are the party of sellout to Big Business and Socialist Money from foreigner’s!

      • photonblaster

        ……………and they’re all gay.

    • photonblaster

      At least they’re not gay.

  • JM

    Don’t be a moron DavePrice…it’s both parties

  • GlennBerman

    I saw this commercial played during the super bowl, so that would mean it was not banned. Great product and a beautiful spokesperson to sell it.

  • David Raymond

    In the First place Fox is a lowlife organization . Which they just proved further, What next I am sure it will have something to do with alternate lifestyles, Pot Smoking, or sexual orientation,… or maybe just being plain old or poor will be all that it takes.
    Oh excuse me they “are already after the jobless people”

  • AnotherBillJ

    Wow, this discussion sure took a political turn.

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the ad and watching Scarlett was nice. Sorry, no politics from me this time. :)

  • Kevin Blankenship

    Well the so called “Big Boys” Coke and Pepsi” couldn’t take the heat! I think I am gonna get me some Soda Stream less sugar and disposable plastic makes perfect sense. The aluminum cans though are tough to replace!

  • Jethro Q Walrustitty.

    What a load of bollocks.

  • Rosewood

    The real reason for this commercial being banned I heard is because the corporation that makes the soda stream system is based on occupied Palestinian land, and Ms. Johansson is acting as their mouthpiece. That’s how I first got wind of this story. Now I read this and it’s very clear that the mainstream media is up to it’s usual tricks, making up fake stories about why it was banned in order to hide the truth about what’s really going on over there.

  • Richard Barnes

    I’m guessing neither Coca-Cola nor Pepsi are as insecure about their businesses as is Fox about its own. Neither of the soda behemoths are at all threatened by this particular product and, if they are, it’s perhaps because they’ve only temporarily neglected a growing sector of the market. Both have proven their ability to adapt to changes in what the customer wants and needs … or can be convinced to want and need. Fox needs to lighten up … but that’s not news.

  • Greg

    Who cares about all of this political crap? Only thing I noticed about this commercial is the hotness that is Scarlett :)

  • rhodes autry

    nothing like some good old censorship in the name of corporate interests

  • Sugarsail1

    they aren’t afraid of Coke or Pepsi, they just know who pays their bills and don’t want to risk alienating a HUGE advertising customer for some johnny-come-lately fad home soda machine that may not be here tomorrow. When/if Coke BUYS Soda Stream, you will bet the commercial will be changed and they’ll be glad to have it.

    • photonblaster

      Coke and Pepsi are both loosing market share for the first time in history and are have a little trouble dealing with their up coming demise.

  • Frank

    What gets me is that everyone blames the GOP for being tied to big business. And you don’t think that the Democrats are? What world do you live in? Are there blossoming flowers all the time?

  • George A. Caragea

    I agree with Fox…It’s only in the US where you are allowed to say you are the best or you are better than Xor Y. I think every company should rely more on what differentiate them and their product from competition and less, building an image destroying the image of the competition. This policy of aggressive advertising at the expense of others, should be forbidden.

  • Brian Thompson

    9 minutes later and the thoughts of her still got me a stiffy.

  • 1Big_Bill2

    # 1 This is smart Business, something Birnbaum obviously knows nothing of. # 2 Check for a sign of Birnbaum five years from now.
    Wise move FOX.