Why Aren’t All In-Flight Videos This Awesome?


It’s generally accepted that flight safety videos are a boring formality to which no one pays attention. In years past, as your flight taxied out of the gate and towards the runway, you could count on people putting their heads down and ignoring the flight safety video and the flight attendants’ emergency instructions prior to the flight.

A funny thing happened a few years ago though; Delta Air Lines must have realized that people hate the flight safety video, so they decided to spice it up a little. Knowing exactly what would catch the passengers’ attention, Delta started playing a pre-flight safety video that features the gorgeous redhead Katherine Lee.

If you’ve taken a Delta flight over the last few years, you know Katherine Lee. She’s the sassy flight attendant who wags her finger at you if you do something bad like try to smoke. Katherine is a real flight attendant for Delta with the upside of being incredibly watchable, which makes Delta’s pre-flight safety videos something to enjoy rather than tolerate. It’s not unusual to hear laughter throughout the cabin as Katherine’s character lays down the flight rules interlaced with playful innuendo. So where does the flight safety video go from here?

Air New Zealand must have liked Delta’s spicy flight safety video idea, but they’ve decided to take it a step further. Whereas Katherine’s character for Delta isn’t overtly serving as eye candy, Air New Zealand throws that plausible deniability to the wind and brings in swimsuit models to recite the flight safety procedures. And not just any swimsuit models – Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Do you suppose they might catch the attention of a few of the passengers who were about to zone out into their iPads? We’re guessing yes. Watch below as Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Jessica Gomes, Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis and Ariel Meredith lay out the flight safety rules for Air New Zealand. Since this video is also meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Edition, they’ve even incorporated the legendary Christie Brinkley, who is looking pretty darn good at 60 years old (thanks to Chuck Norris and the Total Gym).

Since being posted online, the video has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of views.

  • Michael Callahan

    I like the safety briefing, not only entertaining, but I could remember all the important step after the video, instead of the old time briefing by the Stewart or Stewardess who gave the instruction as the plane taxied down the runway, and you started to ignore this because it was the same old thing. I would suggest different videos from time to time, so that I dose not become stale and people start to ignore being played to death.

    • CriticUKGermanComparison

      You must be gay! I found the half naked girls very distracting. I did not get any part of the safety message. It is like printing the word
      RED in blue colour and asking you to look at it and say the colour that it is.

  • Alan Horton

    Very informative, but the last sentence should say, now then, you all know the reality, none of this is going to do you a damn bit of good, so bend over and kiss your asses good bye, thank you for flying Delta.

    • scottinnh

      It’s Air New Zealand. If you were on Delta you might welcome death as an alternative.

    • CriticUKGermanComparison

      There was a time when Air New Zealand had a “lazy boy” type of arm chair in its business class. I used to love that seat. Now that would be a good way to go… lying back and relaxing on that chair!

  • Jim Crapanzano

    While more people would actually watch this, why do they bother? I mean has anybody EVER actually used their seat cushion as a flotation device? I mean aside from the miracle on the Hudson, who else has survived what they laughingly call a “Water Landing?” And if I ever do go down in a plane, I’m not going to be watching the floor, with my head between my knees.Hell, I’m most probably dead anyway, I want to watch it happen, and all that ‘crash position” is going to do, really , is help break your neck faster. I never got the logic of this position; anyone who has ever played football knows that you never put your head down and hit with the top of your head, because doing so can easily result in severe spinal cord injury. In that position, head bent down, hands on our head, impacting the seat in front of you at 300 MPH, will probably break your neck. I suspect the reason for this position is that they don’t want you to get your teeth knocked out so that your ,burnt beyond recognition, corpse can be ID’d through dental records!

    • David

      Your a dumbass. I guess during the safety briefing, you don’t listen to the cabin attendants or count the number of rows to the nearest exit. Maybe you should educate yourself on ditching and water landings as you have a higher survival rate if you follow instructions. Statistics show that business man and people like you have a less chance of surviving a crash because you already have your head up your ass. Just my opinion and should be yours. Just a little FYI from a 20 year aviation employee and a instrument rated and aerobatic pilot.

    • Bobby Day

      LMAO……. “:{D

    • Peter Lomnicki

      Some special kind of dumb ass huh dude?

    • davidusromanus

      Everything not tied down becomes a projectile. If your head is down, you won’t get hit with things flying all over the cabin.

      • Jim Crapanzano

        When will this stuff be flying around? At impact! You know, moments before the fire ball!

        • WebAntOnYouTube

          I know I shouldn’t but………………….LMAO :-D

      • CriticUKGermanComparison

        Some 20 years ago a plane flew in the wrong direction (in Brazil) and because of fuel limitations it had no option but to crash land on top of the Amazon jungle. The pilots, crew and passengers thought that they would have a rough ride but possibly survive. What transpired was that the friction from trees was such, they found the head of the front row passenger embedded (it went cleanly through) the toilet partition in front of him. In spite of seat belts people flew forward all over the place crushing those in front of them, seats came off, etc.

        • Jim Crapanzano

          And what the hell is up with that? How many times have we heard about planes that were low on fuel? As in th4y had no choice to to attempt a landing because. . . WTF? Why aren’t airlines required to keep far more fuel than required in case they run into trouble, get way off course, etc? Saving money at the risk of lives!

          • Smilin’ Jack

            You are, I’m sure, familiar with the corporate gospel: “they who minimize cost and maximize revenue shall be called The Blessed for the difference between the two is profit.” Every jetliner takes off with just enough JP8 to get from point A to point B, with a small added increment to make it to point C (just in case).
            The ideal flight ends with the plane rolling to a stop at Point B with only those few extra gallons remaining in the tank. Rest assured that if that particular flight frequently ends with more than a few extra gallons, the airline’s computers will catch it and reduce that reserve on future flights.
            Makes sense, however. The more fuel in the plane’s tanks, the heavier the plane. The heavier the plane, the harder the engines have to work to stay Up There and not Down Here (until it’s the time and place to be Down Here)

          • Jim Crapanzano

            Hey Jack, I knew well your answer when I wrote my rhetorical question . And I see that you are quoting the from Book of Midas 3:17, “they who minimize cost and maximize revenue shall be called The Blessed. . .” it continues, I believe, at 3:22 “. . . . “. ..and it shall so be that no law giver, nor his man-servant, nor his acronymic minions, they being bought and paid for, unto the Lord Plutus, shall make any law that shall obtrude the blessed in their holy pursuit of mammon, for nothing is more loved in the eyes of the Lord.
            My question is when will Americans demand that people take precedence over profits. But, of course, there is no need to answer that question because as it says in Midas 3:24 “All who would question the law shall be condemned as heretics.” and 3:26, They shall be taken outside the borders of the town and there they shall be buried unto the neck, and coined, with rolls of quarters, until dead> Let this serve as a lesson to all who would dare to question the Word of our most high God, and Lord Plutus.”

          • Damien Rollond

            Aircraft are require to keep a reserve of 45 minutes or so. They are also required to carry enough fuel to reach and alternate airport in some cases. However humans stuff up and they run out. There have been a number of cases where the pax and crew survived quite well as there was no fire.

          • ldean

            “Smiling Jack” – why are you scaring the bee-jee-bers out of everybody? I worked in flight operations as a dispatcher for a major airline. Fuel calculations are done by computer with a multitude of variables considered – weather, load, (freight, mail, passengers) consideration of delays (having to circle an airport for landing) diversions to other airports… etc. When computers are inoperable, the calculations are made by hand (could take up to an hour) and performed by 3 different people including the pilot. (I only had to do that once in 30 years and the computers came back on line in time to check my numbers ). Also, when aircraft with only two engines are flying long distances across oceans, deserts, or other areas with no airports, they have to satisfy extra (what is called ETOPS which refers to flight time between diversionary landing strips) safety rules to ensure that such aircraft can reach some emergency airport if one engine fails. Just know this – your airplane will NEVER run out of fuel.

          • ldean

            They do. Don’t worry. “Critic” is telling a “ghost story.”

        • ldean

          B.S. Sounds like one of those camp stories you tell around the camp fire… in the back of a plane with a couple of martinis.

    • Arnold

      1) planes are enormously safer now than in the past 2)- the brace position has saved many hundreds of lives in crashes
      3) JAL Nov 1968 san Francisco harbour .. everyone got out alive a 737 in washington DC many survived crashing into the bridge then Potomac River .. Pan Am KLM crash on the runway .. those who got out all said they had listened to the briefing and did what they had been told. The Air France crash at toronto, all 300 got out because they followed the instructions given by cabin attendants .. and the list goes on

      • CriticUKGermanComparison

        You are mixing concepts and ideas here. We were discussing the brace position but you diatribe into other issues. Look, planes had a chance to become safer some 20 years ago or so when some had suggested capsules that in emergency would compartmentalize say 2 seat rows forming a type of “eject ball” with parachute included and fire and impact resistance. However, Boeing and others rejected the idea as too costly.
        Let’s face it. Planes are definitely NOT safer other than from learning about freak accidents, there is always another situation. The more we remove risk, the bigger the risk that remains.

        • Arnold

          You got lost in your story… Missed every point. In the “western” world there are so few accidents several thousand million passengers travelled safely over the last decade, and in the few accidents which have happened the brace position greatly reduces the likelihood of further injuries. Look at the accident rate of the piston engined and earlier turbine engined aircraft compared to modern aircraft. The 757/767/777/ Dash 8 A330 A340 compared to say DC 9 727 Viscout, etc. more that 1000 each of the 757/767/777 airbus A330 and Dash 8.
          5300 of those 5 a/ c built so far 47 hull loses
          Compare that to a generation ago
          Boeing 727 1800 built 118 hull loses
          Vickers Viscout 445 built 144 hull loses
          We all learn from accidents and failures and thankfully aviation is now the safest mass transport system on earth.

      • Norm from GA

        About that PanAm KLM crash: what did those who DIDN’T get out say?

        • ldean

          “Hello God.”

      • latour42

        I believe planes are a lot lighter in weight…thus less likely to remain in one piece if it crashes.

    • kkoppy

      The reason you put your head down is so you aren’t decapitated. The whole thing is a crap shoot anyway and few people survive serious crashes as aluminum isn’t “flesh friendly.” Years ago the crash position actually enabled you to lower your head all the way down, now they pack people in like peas in a pod and the space is so greatly reduced that the crash position is ridiculously limited. In the event of a water “landing” most people forget everything they’ve been told due to panic. Even in car crashes that end up in water, the vast majority of people die because they panic. The best way to survive is to remain calm and focused on surviving. Your changes are greatly increased when your head isn’t sticking up like a dandelion waiting to be chopped off by the lawnmower.

      • jm

        How do you know?

      • NZSnapper

        Statistically you are, in fact, more LIKELY so survive a plane crash than die in one.

        • CaptNed

          I assume that includes all planes, large and small. What about just airliners?

          • NZSnapper

            All aircraft. Any flying machine. Military, civilian, commercial and so on. Should you have a crash in one, you are more likely to survive than die.

          • Poser Hunter

            You are stating facts not in evidence. How about backing up your statements with facts, I.e., links to air safety bureau as an example.

      • ldean

        No. I’m retired from the industry. The reason you put your head down it to make your spinal cord parallel with the floor of the aircraft – to avoid spinal cord injury and paralysis. Picture the aircraft coming down… while traveling horizontally at probably a high rate of speed, it is also traveling vertically (downward) at an equally high rate of speed. When it slams into the ground and if you are sitting upright, your spinal cord would absorb the energy; but, if you’re back is parallel to the ground, less likelihood of spinal injury. It has nothing to do with your head. Your seat belt is meant to/expected to keep your in your seat.

    • scottinnh

      Well, they also tell you in the video that your cell phone is going to interfere with the plane’s navigation system. Every single day in the United States 30,000 planes take off and land and there are turned on cell phones in every single one of them, just as the plane is flying over TV, radio and cell towers.

      And in the last 10 years, with over 100 million flights, 2 large planes crashed here. One into SFO, which had nothing to do with cell phones, and another into the Hudson river, also nothing to do with cell phones.

      But it is kind of like the sign at the gas station telling you to turn off your cell phone so you don’t blow up the gas pump.

      The thing is… people feel an urgent need to create rules and then enforce rules, it is human nature. Most of them make no sense. For over 20 years we asked each person “Did you pack your luggage yourself? Has it been with you the entire time? Did someone give you a package or present to bring for another person?” But after 20 years we realized it was stupid, so we stopped asking that and started focusing on whether your toothpaste was 3 ounces (ok) or 4 ounces (not ok).

      • CriticUKGermanComparison

        Recently in an episode of “None of the Above” they showed how cell phones CANNOT ignite fuel tanks at petrol stations. However, STATIC DISCHARGE like when you rub your hair and then touch something… well… that can really set the fuel tank alight!

        About the video: (a) a nice location and good looking air hostesses are both very distracting to the safety message, so the video is a complete sham; (b) glorifying “beauty” of women like this so that men think “I want her” is silly because there are MANY beautiful women especially in Europe (Scandinavia, Eastern and Central Europe and Russia) and in Asia (Korea especially for example or even Taiwan and some parts of China) so what is the big deal? what talent do these “sports illustrated” models have? They are not particularly endowed nor are they particularly slim, nor do they have especially striking faces.

        • Ruptor

          I’m a man and I want them all. Any challenge that tries to pick out the most beautiful women is pointless because there are so many women that could hold the title of most beautiful. But that doesn’t change the fact that we men, would like to see them all, with no clothes on.

        • Jim Crapanzano

          I been all around this great big world, and I’ve seen all kinds of girls, yea, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the States, Back to the cutest girls IN THE WORLD!

        • DesertRat

          Static electricity from sliding on the seat when you get out of the vehicle is enough to create a spark. If it’s not discharged before you put the gas nozzle into the tank it could be the last thing you do.

      • Jim Crapanzano

        RE: “Well, they also tell you in the video that your cell phone is going to interfere with the plane’s navigation system”
        That is, of course, total BS. What else is total BS is that anybody had cell phone conversations with people on the ground on 9/11. Even before 9/11 every time I flew, I looked at my phone during every part of the flight. it has always been the same from seconds after take-off, till virtually touch-down. NO SERVICE. My last flight, in 2013, to the DR, same thing from take-off NO SERVICE. Take the alledged calls from the Shanksville plane lasting many minutes over rural PA. Even now, you would be lucky to get a signal at all there on the ground, unless you had a local provider, and then coverage is swiss cheese IN RURAL ANYWHERE., much less flying at 325mph. Moreover, everyone who had a cell phone in 2011 will recall that even in major cities, if you were driving on a highway, at just 70mph, you could not stay connected for more than a few minutes before the call was dropped.

        RE ” people feel an urgent need to create rules and then enforce rules, it is human nature”
        It’s more about that Government has been making more and more stupid, inane and useless rules in order to condition the masses to obey, without question, what ever you are told to do. Freedom, American style, cannot simply be erased overnight. The New World Order has always known that freedom and liberty can only be eradicated over time, and with careful conditioning, over several generations. Part of that is conditioning at air-ports, where the TSA has been violating Constitutional, and basic human, rights for two decades. Have you never wondered why the vast majority of air-passengers in America are white, while the vast majority of TSA agents are anything but? That’s no accident, nor is it an accident that so many TSA supervisors are not Americans by birth.
        They have intentionally placed people that did not grow-up with Baseball, apple pie, and the concept of American Freedom and Liberty.
        Go a head, folks, It’s now time to express your righteous indignation and follow your political correctness conditioning, and accuse me of being a racist for pointing out an obvious fact.
        And by all means, keep sleeping, as your Liberty is being systematically destroyed, as we move closer to the Orwellian society that is the goal of the New World Order.
        Finally, how many people think that TSA employees are actually Police? legally, they are not much different than Mall rent-a-cops. But Americans have been conditioned: Uniform + Badge + surly attitude = Cop. The media has been helping with this conditioning. After the Boston bombing, for instance, they erroneously referred the shot campus security guard as a “Campus Police Officer.”
        That’s not to say that all the Teniquia’s and Benji’s and Achmed’s etc., are without power. After all, what are your civil rights compared to making your connecting flight to Caribbean paradise?

        • ldean

          Until we take the time, money and effort to know definitively one way or the other, isn’t it best to err on the side of safety? what’s the big deal?

      • ldean

        Those questions may sound stupid to someone who flies every day; but, they are not stupid to infrequent fliers (which are the ones that terrorists use to carry things through security)…”hey would you mind posting this card/letter for me when you get to L.A.”… or, granny having a cuppa coffee before checking in oblivious to everything around her… You have no idea how many searches are necessitated as a result of those questions… or how many unaccompanied bags are picked up by bomb squads and taken out on the runway and blown up in a day around the world’s airports. Fortunately, for passengers you don’t see what is going on behind the scenes or with what frequency it happens. And while I’m here ventilating, toward unthankful travelers like yourself, let me tell you why security frisks little kids and old people in wheelchairs – they look innocent to you and you are outraged. What you DON”T know is they are the most common target for attempts to pass blades and/or plastic explosives through security. A wheelchair? A kid? Their backpack? It’s the naïve and the innocent we have to look out for the most – they are targets and don’t even know it. We don’t have to worry about the frequent flier – you know what you’re doing.

      • Watchingtheweasels

        Your cell phone is not going to make the plane go off course…but Habeeb’s cell phone may make it intentionally blow up.

    • WebAntOnYouTube

      Pretty macabre but it sounds like you are right.

  • Darren Michael Surch

    Jim, Mythbusters covered this topic and found the brace position radically increased survivability. Unfortunately most of us well fed Kiwis, Aussies and yanks couldnt get our head past our gut. Only africans and eastern europeans have the flexibility :) I guess its scream and die for this kiwi.

    • Jim Crapanzano

      I saw that too, And I’m a big guy too, 6’2″ 275, so yea, no way I can get mu head on my lap, unless I get a First Class Up-Grade, which I do whenever I can. But thare is one phrase that haunts me every time I board: And goes with plane crashed far more often than not: There were no survivors!

  • Aaron Poscovsky

    The is one important person missing in these shots. That would be me, if these ladies would let me join them.

  • Glen Carpenter

    I love the creativity for the stewardesses. made me sit up and watch and take note- the after parties are even better- here’s to you ladies, keep up your good work and yes Michael has a good point lets expanding the plot to the great fun you can have on specific holiday destinations- WOW the ideas that come to mind !!

  • Dennis Rainey

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    • ProudAtheist

      Piss off.

    • Bob Cerovich

      Find somewhere appropriate to post your drivel. This is not the right forum. Spam/shit.

  • brian o7

    Brilliant. That’s a safety briefing.

  • David Martin

    I have traveled alot .. fall asleep with the same drill on the plane .. this is the best Safety Video I ever seen ..lol .. U got my attention .. Good on u Air New Zealand

    • CriticUKGermanComparison

      Yeah… but did you understand anything that they said?… moron! of course you did not. You like it because of the location and the women. I once gave a lecture in two parts at a tertiary university in Marietta Georgia, a place where they had all of the teaching equipment in the world but the only thing that they could not fix was the low IQ of the students. The students filled in an “instructor evaluation form”. They loved my first half but hated the second half. The reason: the first half was pictures!!! the second half concerned the theory of the problem (what I hoped they would learn). Although I am British I visited Salamanca in Spain and saw a very interesting Spanish saying “Lo que la naturaleza no da, Salamanca no presta” (or something of the sort). It means that even if you go to Salamanca University (the “MIT” of Spain) you wont do well if your IQ is low.

    • Jen

      I had a bad experience when I was young. And, as a result…….they can’t pay me enough to get my backside in the seat of an airplane. No Thank You! I’d require someone to…….squeeze during the whole take off / flight/ and landing. ha ha Sad my mom just turned 86yrs in June and she loves to fly. Says it makes her wonder just how close to God she is when she’s flying. On the other hand…….I do agree about the flight instruction videos. Most are so boring that it seems no one cares what’s being said…….just what’s to drink…….and where the person next to them is going. lol

  • Dan Buss

    wood eye oh my oh i need to see an heart doctor after this episod

  • Roy Chivers

    Air Miiddle Earth has the safety video which i felt should have received the Oscar for best short. Great job ANZ and Peter Jackson, especially the actor/ employees of ANZ

  • http://onroadmotorskill.com/wp/ onroad

    Most people who actually experienced a plane crash didn’t say what position they were in; because?……………. fill in the blank

  • http://www.premierleadsolution.com Nephilim6843

    I highly doubt the Safety film is designed to promote safety. This kind of video creates a memory, a pleasant memory about the airline, therefore after seeing it you will want to book with that airline instead of perhaps a cheaper flight…just so you can see the beautiful women again. Men have done more for less. Sex Sells, no matter what you are selling.

    • ldean

      It gets people to watch. That’s the primary goal.

  • kgolfer2 .

    Ha, fun video and certainly got my attention. Creative too. If I missed something because of a “distraction” could watch it again in-flight maybe?

  • Adrian

    If you have to watch one of these things then this might be more colourful than some of the others but as to why this should go viral is beyond me. If you don’t need to watch this then dont waste your time.

  • Robert Herzberg

    it is so you can kiss your ass goodbye

  • Mark N Starla Traina


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  • Lloyd Jensen

    now I would pay attention to this as opposed to reading a book while somebody raddles on about something I think I already know.

  • Mark Paterson

    Unless you are a surgeon best be quiet. Broke my back at Belmont race track. Never knew a thing. Woke up a month later with my Mother beside me. She lives in Scotland. Crashing on a plane is much the same I would think. Lights out.

  • vidura

    Finally, a little humour into the world of ‘serious stuff’.

  • ivanhoemy

    how to get a man’s attention. is it that obvious?

  • Ruptor

    I wouldn’t want to fly on a plane that could be brought down by a cellphone signal. Luckily, its just a lot of misinformation.
    Also, so much technology but no one ever thought to have a signalling device on the exterior of the plane that would automatically detach and float in the event of an ocean crash, and send signals to rescue crews.

    • Stephen Kuhl Sr

      Actually they already have a floating recorder. The military has been using them for over 20 years. Boeing has a design ready to go. But at $60,000 per unit, no airline will do it until it is mandated. Even then the government will delay it until the public screams to put them in, or actually on the aircraft. It goes in the tail section, just under the outer skin.

      • Damien Rollond

        I can think of one aircraft recently that could have benefited from a floating solar powered beacon.

      • ldean

        Are you willing to pay extra for your ticket? Then, stop complaining.

  • nazgulflyer

    Wait a minute, are these women qualified to represent air flight safety? Do they have some form of education?

    • Old Timer 1950 Oldsmobile

      They can follow a script, does that count?

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    The blonde is looking pretty goofy there. Other than that, sweet.:-D

    • M. Wright

      The blond is Derek Jeter’s girlfriend Hanna Davis

  • http://urbanlyfestylesmagazine.com/ Essex Porter

    great video it should be posted on http://www.urbanlyfestylesmagazine.com

  • David Gunn

    The only safety briefing I was attentive all the way through…….Well thought out and best safety video so far

  • chuckmcvinney

    Virgin America’s is the best

    • Bill

      Except that there is no such airline.

      • ldean

        yes there is.

        • Jen


          Your right.

          Virgin AmericaOpened December 2005 with the motto “the airline we hope you love”; includes job openings, executive profiles, and updates on launch plans.

          Posted the search results to Bill.

          Now you two can shake hands and be done with it. LOL

          My you skies always be blue, and you pilot sober ! ha ha


      • Jen

        Hi Bill,
        Here’s the answer to the Virgin America Airline existing or not.

        Virgin AmericaOpened December 2005 with the motto “the airline we hope you love”; includes job openings, executive profiles, and updates on launch plans.

        Google is great for finding answers fast.
        Happy Flying, Jen

  • Robert Valence

    We flew various flights on Turkish charter – Pegasus. Good flights – but their safety video features little kiddies & was exceedingly amusing & entertaining. I did actually take notice….

  • Richard Neva

    Too much of a tease for me!

  • Geoffrey Wheat

    mh 370 a mystery still

  • LeePefley

    How much do these ladies have to pay for those paste-on smiles I wonder?

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  • Steve Byford

    I don’t like that sign that you see at the airport……… Terminal

  • Rod B

    How many lives would be saved if all airline seats faced backwards? Think about it…

  • Alex DeLarge

    If I ever go down in a plane, I hope it’s on someone who looks like one of these instructors

  • Patrick C Patrick

    I will wear my seat belt I will put my head down but lets be honest I was picked last in gym the chances of me surviving
    a ‘water landing’ are close to zero let me have another beer hell if you want to fill me full of beer and send me as cargo I would be open for that might be better then flying coach
    on a side not Ariel Meredith is very pretty

  • steve B

    I would ravish all of them.

  • Carlos Arroyo

    Fap fap fap………Done

  • krowbro

    Christie Brinkley looks like her face is made of rubber.

  • photonblaster

    Well these girls certainly make me want to survive, if that was the plan.

  • cheese101

    Yay for boobies!

  • Autumn Knisley

    Umm sorry, but what was the point of that video? I was honestly to busy starring at some sluts ass. You know the one who makes money to be stared at like some high class mutt in a dog show, but wants to get offended about it?

  • latour42

    I was on a plane decades ago and the airplane hit a large air pocket and suddenly dropped quite a distance. Many on board thought they were going to die, and each time the plane would take a dive the women would start to scream. For some reason, I just started praying as did the elderly lady sitting next to me. My point? When death knocks on the door, the body’s self preservation takes over and fear is the main emotion each of us feels. No one can tell a individual, “remain calm,” when they may die at any moment, however, we should realize if it is not our time…we aren’t going anywhere. If it is our time, nothing on this earth including a flotation device, a crash position, etc. will keep us alive.

  • Tim

    Nicely done. Southwest has been doing this for years. The problem in the past was that executives thought that the FAA Mandated Safety Briefing had to done the same way by all carriers. The rule just outlines the topics that must be discussed prior to Take-Off, not the manner. Therefore, when you spice it up and throw some humor people will watch and listen.

  • Hektor Smith

    The only way something like this could be produced for a US carrier is if the women looked like Russian prison matrons.

  • Older Than Dirt

    Doing something is better than nothing unless you want to die like a pig or the sheeple. Standard joke was the the marks were to
    muffle the screams, but think ahead, be positive because one you panic you hear lost all your options. I worry more about those
    who ARE sheep around me who will not react positively. There are always possibilities if you keep your wits about you.

  • Hill411

    Southwest Airlines has alwaysys provided the best flight attendants. They are personable and VERY funny while maintaining a professional appearance. The flights are packed, the seats are small but this is known before one buys a ticket. Knowing that service is outstanding and the Douthwest employees will keep a smile on your face makes up for the cramped flight. A 12 year customer of SW.

  • JRoc

    Ummm did she say “dickheads?”

  • terrythecork

    If you don’t like this, you are a Pathetic Homo or a Dyke who is probably ugly. i love these girls…

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