What a Conference Call Would Be Like in Real Life

What a conference call would be like in real life

Do you work in an office? If so, do you find conference calls to be time wasters and a huge drain on your productivity? If you answer “yes” to that question, you are not alone. It seems that it doesn’t matter what workplace you’re talking about, the people who work there have negative opinions of conference calls. It seems like they should be more efficient than e-mail, and perhaps they are, but for some reason, conference calls don’t seem to accomplish as much as you’d expect. It must be all the talking over one another and waiting for people to join back in after they get cut off. Even if you get everyone on the conference call, there’s always someone who wants to monopolize the discussion and ramble on and on. That’s usually the same person who doesn’t understand what everyone else is trying to accomplish with the call. And the person who requests a follow up e-mail to summarize the call is just terrible. The whole point of the conference call was to make communication more efficient and to quickly resolve any confusion, and now you want someone to spend their time writing a summary e-mail for you? Thank you for confirming that you either weren’t paying attention or are too dense to follow the discussion.

You can find comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one to feel the conference call pain. This viral video created by Tripp and Tyler was published online just over one week ago and has already had close to five million views. The premise of the video is to speculate what a conference call would be like if all of the call’s participants were in the same room. What it would be like is just as uncomfortable as a normal conference call, except multiplied. Would you imagine that the in-person conference call would be any more productive? You’ll have to checkout the video below to find out.