The Funniest Ping Pong Match Ever


Who knew ping pong could be so funny? This viral video contains highlights from a match between professional ping pong players Jean-Michel Saive, of Belgium, and Chuang Chih-yuan, of Taiwan. The video was uploaded to the internet just a week ago and has already had over 5 million views. Saive is one of the best known athletes in Belgium due to his long and prolific ping pong career. He has represented Belgium in the Olympic Games seven times. But in this video, he seems less concerned with playing ping pong and more concerned with practicing his comedy routine.

Saive is either practicing his second career as a comedian, or he’s trying to get inside the head of the younger Chuang, who is laying a bit of a beating on Saive. Perhaps Saive’s constant distracting actions are an attempt to get Chuang out of his ping pong groove? Saive even goes so far as to lay on the ground in pretend exhaustion in order to draw Chuang over to him and to delay the next serve. And then Chuang decides he’s scored enough points on Saive and joins the comedy act. They pull out two ping pong balls and play with multiple balls for a while. We’re not sure how the judges can even keep track of the score at that point.