News Reporter Passes Out During Interview

news reporter passed out during interview

How’s this for a trooper? This TV news reporter for KUTV2News in Utah was in the middle of a routine news segment interviewing a group of people about cross-country skiing, when she suddenly passed out in the middle of the interview! It’s the strangest thing. One second she’s standing there talking to everyone, and the next second it’s like she went to sleep and fell backwards into the snow. The news reporter is named Brooke Graham. She gave KUTV2News permission to post her pass out video online. The station says that Graham is one of their hardest workers, and she is seeking a medical opinion on what caused her to pass out. Given Graham’s reaction to the pass out incident, we have to agree with the hard worker claim. Once she wakes up following her fall, she sits right back up and continues the interview. That’s dedication right there.

You’ll see in the video that Graham’s speech becomes kind of slurred just before she passes out. You can almost countdown to the pass out sequence as her brain runs low on blood flow in the seconds preceding the fall. We aren’t in the position to present a medical opinion on the matter, but maybe she was standing with locked knees. Apparently standing with locked knees for a prolonged period of time can cause a person to faint, since it can cutoff blood flow to the brain. An anxiety attack can also cause fainting, which is something to consider, though one wouldn’t expect a news reporter to become particularly anxious in front of the camera. Checkout the news video below and let us know what you think. We don’t know about you, but we’re kind of feeling the relaxed, sitting down news interview format.