Is This The Ultimate Car Commercial?


Do you remember a few years ago when people actually had to wait until the Super Bowl to see all the Super Bowl commercials? I can remember going to Super Bowl parties in which some of the attendees weren’t football fans, and all they wanted to talk about was the commercials. What car company is going to debut a new sports car? What beer commercial is going to humor us with talking amphibians? What company is going to shock us? With the internet and our present-day ability to stream high quality video, most Super Bowl commercials are now posted online days or even weeks before the actual game. It gives people plenty of time to view the commercials before the big game, but it also takes away some of the novelty of the Super Bowl commercial. Now they’re more like Month of January Internet Commercials Re-Run During the Super Bowl. This shift is okay with me. Now we can mute the game during the commercials and talk about the actual game without the feeling that we’re missing anything.

This is a tie-in car commercial that Volkswagen put together for the Super Bowl. It’s a teaser spot, meant to set the background for the actual commercial that will run during the game. The idea behind this commercial is that Volkswagen’s engineers have invented an algorithm that is supposed to create the perfect car commercial, at least the perfect car commercial for football audiences. The result is a real mess. Watch it below.