Ingenious Way to Remove a Ring


There are some obvious ways to remove a ring. You can cut the ring off the finger. The problem with that approach is that it ruins the ring. You could cut the finger off the hand. The upside there is that you save the ring, but downside is that you won’t be able to wear it anymore (not to mention the functional and cosmetic issues involved). Depending on the urgency of getting the ring off the hand, you could try temperature. You may have noticed that your rings fit tighter around your fingers in the summer and looser in the winter, when the cold causes the body to constrict. If you have time, you could try submerging the hand in ice water to see if the finger constricts enough to get the ring off. Other creative solutions involve butter, WD-40, petroleum jelly, and any other household lubricant you might have available.

If you’ve got to get the ring off immediately, you can try this creative emergency room approach. This is a video featuring Dr. Simon Carley at the Centre For Evidence Based Emergency Care (CEEC) at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dr. Carley mentions that he sees a lot patients with injuries to their limbs that require the removal of rings, but the patient doesn’t want the ring to be destroyed. Dr. Carley has a simple yet ingenious method for removing the ring using the string off of a surgical mask and a pair of forceps. He’s never had to cut a ring off a finger. Watch the video below to learn how to do it.