How to Build a Remote Controlled Shoe

how to build a remote controlled shoe

You might ask yourself, “Why build a remote controlled shoe?” This video gives the simple answer of “Why not?” That answer is fair, but another reason is that the possibilities are endless, especially if you have a curious pet or young child around to play pranks on. You could also choose a confusable octo-or nonagenarian, but that would just be mean. As it turns out, it’s very simple to build a remote controlled shoe. You just need an old shoe that you don’t mind ruining and a remote controlled car that still works. You take out the sole of the shoe, take apart the body of the car, fit the car inside the shoe where the sole used to be, and voila, you’ve now got a remote controlled shoe. Now it’s time to have some fun.

This remote controlled shoe would be particularly fun if you have an energetic dog around that just can’t seem to get enough playtime. You can sit comfortably on the couch and watch a movie or football game, all the while keeping the dog busy for hours chasing a shoe, and you have to expend no more effort than just a twitch of your thumbs. Or better yet, if you have a dog that won’t stop destroying your shoes, you could use the remote controlled shoe to instill a deep fear of shoes in the dog. Make the shoe the aggressor and have it chase the dog, or you could even install a speaker in the shoe and make it say threatening things to the dog. Before long, that dog won’t want to have anything to do with your shoes. We might have the makings of a best-selling product here. Now if we can just get the big box pet stores to carry it.