Bud Light Beer Gives Guy the Best Night Ever

Bud light beer gives guy best night ever

What would you do if a beautiful woman approached you, offered you a beer, and then asked you if you were “up for whatever”? That’s the premise of Bud Light Beer’s new commercial that has gone viral online. It was posted just three days ago and has already garnered over seven million views. That’s a testament to just how creative and outrageous this beer commercial really is. They get this guy named Ian to agree to a woman that he’s up for whatever, then he gets in a stretch limo with a huge bachelorette party with a bunch of beautiful girls, and they take him around to meet gorgeous celebrity women and pretty much have the most incredible night ever. Naturally, Bud Light beer is a prominent feature of the evening.

Bud Light claims that this Ian character in the commercial is not an actor, which makes you wonder how he got selected for this role. As the video progresses, it’s clear that drinking Bud Light becomes an important influence in Ian’s though processes. For instance, how does he not notice that it’s bizarre to run into Don Cheadle and a llama and that Cheadle is wearing the same jacket that he is? It’s true that Bud Light can create a great night, but sometimes you need the suspension of disbelief that beer can provide. Ian’s definitely got that suspension going on. Super Bowl ad spots usually run in 30-second segments, so with this video being nearly four minutes long, we can expect it to be broken up into several segments over the course of the Super Bowl. One of the interesting things about this video is that we finally learn why Arnold Schwarzenegger has been appearing in Bud Light commercials dressed up like an old school tennis player. Watch the whole thing below.