Anna Kendrick Makes a Hilarious Beer Commercial

Anna Kendrick makes a hilarious beer commercial

Do you think Anna Kendrick is beer commercial hot or just regular old hot? You might remember Anna from movies like Up in the Air, End of Watch, and Twilight (we know, your wife/daughter/niece/curiosity made you watch it). Anna wasn’t expecting to be picked for this Newcastle beer commercial, because like she says, she’s just approachable hot, not beer commercial hot. Plus, she claims that she doesn’t even drink Newcastle beer. So why would they pick her? Maybe because Newcastle didn’t have enough money to make a Super Bowl commercial, and even if they did, they didn’t have permission to make one.

As you’ll see, everything about the commercial is facetious. In truth, the Newcastle brand is owned by Heineken and sells very well. There’s plenty of money at Newcastle to create a Super Bowl commercial and hire a big-name star to appear in it. And Anna Kendrick is a big star. She was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Up in the Air and frequently appears in magazines’ lists of the hottest women. Further, although the whole video is about a beer commercial that was almost made and that should have aired during the Super Bowl, the video actually did air during the Super Bowl and obviously functions as the referenced beer commercial. The commercial is funny and clever, but the best part is Anna Kendrick’s performance. For whatever reason, she’s just captivating. I feel as though I could watch her ramble on all day. Judging by the 4.7 million people who have watched the video online since Sunday, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  • leyland austrian

    why was it banned ? Could it be that we are a superficial, hypocritical , greedy society that have not a clue as to how to raise kids ? Could that be it ? Naaaaaa